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How Mobile Spy Phone Works

Method 1

Install. After purchase you register an account. Then you install a hidden tracking app to the device you own and wish to monitor.
Login. The tracking app silently uploads activities to a secure online account. You can then view activities by logging in from any computer or mobile web browser.

It is as simple as this and you are ready to spy on any phone. You may install the application on more than one phone but you will access them from the same account.

Method 2

You install this application to the phone you want to monitor. You get copies of all incoming and outgoing messages on the phone you have with you. This phone can be any phone. The video below will throw in more light on the functionality.


Who needs it?

Parents - Worried about what your child is doing on the phone? Are they sexting (sending sexual messages) or using time-wasting app? Learn the truth and block apps.
Employers - Worried about dishonest employees? Are they lying about their actual location? Are they revealing confidential info? Now you will know.
Couples - A suspecting partner may use this to discover the truth about your spouse.

Compatible with Android, iphone, Blackberry, Windows, Techno, Symbian O.S. (Nokia, LG, Samsung, Others)